Lisa Joan Reardon, LICSW Washington, DC Therapist
Washington, DC Therapist
  Lisa Joan Reardon, LICSW

My office is located at:
1325 Quincy Street NE
Washington, DC 20017

My phone number is:
202-526-4445 x 707 OR
888-862-2615, x 707


Sometimes when were in pain or working hard to change ourselves, we cant figure out what to do.

Perhaps this describes you.

Do you want to feel better? Are there changes you want to make? Do you sometimes just not feel like yourself?

Do you feel like you just dont fit in? When you feel very different from other people, it's hard to feel good about yourself.

When you think no one would like you if they really knew you, it's possible that you don't like yourself.

I can help. I specialize in listening to people like you in the Washington DC area and in finding ways to help you heal the trauma and impact that comes from child sexual abuse as well as physical and emotional abuse and neglect .

When we have upsetting experiences as children or as adults, we often have a hard time resolving them on our own. The stresses and demands of life keep us from being able to address our needs and to heal.

Over time, unresolved hurts cause problems with our functioning in the world in whatever role we have, whether student, employee, parent, or other. The stress affects our physical and mental health. Our basic beliefs about ourselves impact our ability to love and to receive the love and support we need.

Healing starts with you and your life experience. Therapy can help you understand yourself, feel better, and have more satisfying relationships.

Call me at my Washington DC office (202-526-4445, x 707) or send me an email. I want to hear your story and to listen to your deepest feelings and desires. I want to share your healing journey with you and guide you along your way.

I am a clinical social worker. Though not a pastoral counselor by training, I have my office at Brookland Pastoral Center ( because I am aware of the importance of spirituality in a persons life as it has been in my own.